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Libre Commons Res Divini Juris License - Version 1.0

Libre Commons Res Divini Juris License

Temples, tombs, religious statues and places were considered to belong to no one because they were in the service of the gods, the impediment to being turned into property was not natural but divine. Following Heidegger's call that only a God can save us, the God in question is that that can produce a clearing, the possibility of another place, making a different world. Drawn from a concept of Species Being (i.e. commonalty), works that are contributed to the Res Divini Juris are commited to the human specis as a whole. Beyond Temporal Law and the liberal legal system, we could think of it as a space of the permanent state of exception. For the common heritage of mankind.

License text

The Res Divini Juris license is designed to so that sacred spaces can be opened up, and offer the possibility of contestation and debate which can discuss matters of public importance as a practical activity. What is endangered under modem capitalism is a source of resistance. Treating everything as resources makes possible endless disaggregation, redistribution, and reaggregation for its own sake. This can be seen as a period of deindustrialisation and growth in the communicational and semiotic as generators of surplus value in the period after the second world war, the informational economy has emerged as a moment where capitalism seeks to enclosure cultural texts to maximise profit, the shift from the consumption of goods to the consumption of experiences.

Alternatively, background practices work by gathering and so bringing things into their own (i.e. uncovering). The gathering of local practices around things produces temporary, self-enclosed local worlds that can resist the totalising and dispersing effects of the flexible and efficient ordering under capitalism.

1 . By using this license you are agreeing to allow your work to be shared as a step on the path of revealing. Within the realm of the gods, the work will contribute to a shared new world of collective practices and networks of singularities operating within a non-instrumental and communal life.

2. All work that is so inscribed should bear the text '(L) 2005 Libre Commons Res Divini Juris License'.

3. This license operates under a permanent state of exception. It is a result of radical democratic practices beyond the state.

4. Users of the license are committed to political action and social struggle.

To Use This License

Simply append the following statement to your work:

(L) Libre Commons Res Divini Juris License


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