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gSOAP Public License Version 1.3b The gSOAP public license is derived from the Mozilla Public License (MPL1.1). The sections that were deleted from the original MPL1.1 text are 1.0.1, 2.1.(c),(d), 2.2.(c),(d), 8.2.(b), 10, and 11. Section 3.8 was added. The modified sections are 2.1.(b), 2.2.(b), 3.2 (simplified), 3.5 (deleted the last sentence), and 3.6 (simplified). This license applies to the gSOAP software package, with the exception of the soapcpp2 and wsdl2h source code located in gsoap/src and gsoap/wsdl, all code generated by soapcpp2 and wsdl2h, the UDDI source code gsoap/uddi2, and the Web server sample source code samples/webserver. To use any of these software tools and components commercially, a commercial license is re...


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