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Libre Commons Res Communes License The commons is usually defined as that which is shared communally with others. This can, for example, be a resource, such as land or water, which is owned by the members of the community. The commons has traditionally been limited to a local community right and to a physical resource, such as a forest. But it has also been used to refer to the space of intellectual thought, ideas and concepts (e.g., 'ideas commons', an 'innovation commons', an 'intellectual commons', a 'digital commons', an 'e-commons', 'the public domain', 'Intellectual Space' and so on). The Libre Commons i^e^ Communes Licence commits the work that is inscribed with this Res Communes license to the shared common that all ...

Licenses : Open Source and CopyLeft Licenses -- (412 Words / 2,721 Characters)
Libre Commons Res Divini Juris License Temples, tombs, religious statues and places were considered to belong to no one because they were in the service of the gods, the impediment to being turned into property was not natural but divine. Following Heidegger's call that only a God can save us, the God in question is that that can produce a clearing, the possibility of another place, making a different world. Drawn from a concept of Species Being (i.e. commonalty), works that are contributed to the Res Divini Juris are commited to the human specis as a whole. Beyond Temporal Law and the liberal legal system, we could think of it as a space of the permanent state of exception. For the common heritage of mankind. License tex...


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